Thursday, September 27, 2007

Garmin® Introduces Forerunner 50

Garmin introduces Forerunner50 as only sports watch with automatic wireless sync. Forerunner 50 is an affordable, sleek and intelligent way to help runners and walkers track their workouts, automatically store their data and reach their personal fitness goals. The announcement strengthens Garmin’s role as an innovation leader in the fitness world and reinforces the company’s commitment to enriching its customers’ lives.

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The central element of the Forerunner 50 system is an advanced fitness watch which interfaces wirelessly with other fitness devices such as a heart rate monitor or a foot pod that monitors speed and distance. The system includes a wireless USB ANT™ Stick that plugs into the user’s PC and automatically downloads workout data stored on the watch to a personal computer. No cables are necessary as the Forerunner 50 synchronizes with the computer once it is in close proximity. Depending on the model purchased, the Forerunner 50 accurately monitors and records heart rate or speed and distance or all of the above. The workouts themselves are made easier with the Forerunner 50 as its heart rate monitor and foot pod activate automatically upon movement, removing the need to turn the lightweight accessories on and off.

With this entry-level fitness watch priced at under $100, Garmin broadens its appeal to the millions of consumers who want to burn calories in a cost-effective manner. While the Forerunner 50 processes much of the same data as its GPS-enabled predecessors, those functions are packaged in a very compact device the size of a typical fitness watch. The Forerunner 50 can track and record up to seven hours and 100 laps of detailed exercise data. And because the Forerunner 50 records its data from the heart rate monitor and foot pod, users can exercise indoors — for example, accurately monitoring their heart rate while on a treadmill or tracking how far they walk each day in the office. The foot pod enables the Forerunner 50 to track and record speed, distance, cadence, steps and calories burned. Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy the versatile options of adding a bike speed and cadence sensor and a handy bike mount

The Forerunner 50 will be sold in a few different combinations, some with the foot pod, some with a heart rate monitor, and all will come with a wireless USB stick so that information can be downloaded wirelessly from the watch to the USB stick and then into your computer.

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